Message of Managing Director

Mr. Noriyasu Nishina

We, MCPP India Private Limited belong to the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Performance Polymers Division which is a global leader in the field of compounds.

We strongly believes and follow the compliance requirements and the values of business governance. We are customer-focused, value-driven company which develops, manufactures and supplies custom made compounds to customers in India for a range of applications in all major sectors like Medical, Automobile, Wire & Cable, Electrical Appliances, Consumer Products, Industrial Material and Packaging etc.

Experienced team of employees with specialization in to PVC Compounding is our strength for meeting the expectations of market and developing customized new application to meet customers’ needs is our passion.

We also aim to realize KAITEKI by implementing specific measures for Sustainability, Health and Comfort, the decision criteria for the activities of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group.

As to remain a corporate company trusted by our stakeholders, MCPP India will stand united and challenge aggressively, while taking action to maximize the corporate value and to realize the concept of KAITEKI. We will devote every effort to achieve, therefore we ask for the continued support of our stakeholders.

MCPP India Private Limited

Mr. Noriyasu Nishina

Managing Director