TPE (TPO, TPS, TPEE) Elastomers

Brand TPE Type Character Relate Link
Tefabloc™ TPO, TPS, TPEE Main Brand of TPE Compound, Good Compression Set(CR);Oil, Heat Resistant, Exist of Food and Medical grade.  
Thermorun™ TPO, TPS TPE Compound Engineered for Airbag Covers. Low specific gravity wide range of hardness, Heat, Water, Ozone resistant.  
Zelas™ TPO, TPS, R-TPO Zelas/TPO,TPS,R-TPO/TPE Compound Engineered for Medical Application.  
Trexprene™ TPV Main Brand of TPV Compound. Heat stabilized fully vulcanized PP / EPDM blend.wide range of hardness and colors.  

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